Video Scrubbing Trials

A collection of proof-of-concepts and prototypes of various mechanisms to enable video scrubbing based experiences on the web with input signals such as the scrolling of the page.

See source code on github.

Approaches & Demos

Read about approaches, observations and learnings in detail on my blog post.

#1: video-current-time: (blog) (demo)

#2: video-play-unpack-frames-canvas (blog) (demo)

#3: video-seek-unpack-frames-canvas (blog) (demo)

#4: video-seek-media-stream-image-capture (blog) (demo)

#5: video-server-frames (blog) (demo)

#6: video-wasm-ffmpeg-extract (blog)


Try out the bonus Video Frame Extract Tool (experimental).

Video Source Attribution

Sample video is picked up from public test video sources. All copyrights belong to the original owners.